Sustainability & Truly "Green" Cleaning


The Trio H2ome unit generates sustainable, chemical free cleaning and sanitizing solutions that provide truly green cleaning.


The simple and waste free mixture of minerals and tap water make this the most environmentally friendly and sustainable system on the market today. Sustainability goes well beyond Green. Sustainability considers the entire life of how a product is used, its impact on the user the environment including the waste stream and all aspects of a products footprint.


The GenEon cleaning solutions are made from ionized water and minerals which are so safe they can be sprayed directly on food.  The EPA has reported that the GenEon Trio H2ome solutions to be 80 times more effective that sodium hypochlorite yet it is completely non-toxic to human or animal cells. 


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says "The concept of electrolyzing saline to create an antiseptic or a disinfectant is appealing because the basic ingredients (Salt and tap water) are inexpensive and the end product does not damage the environment." 1.


The Trio H2ome table top unit allows anyone to make the right amount of cleaning solutions with a touch of a button.  Its compact electro-chemical activation technology makes the Cleaning, Degreasing & Sanitizing Solutions from simple tap water and a small amount of our minerals. 


In fact, the GenEon patented blended-stream technology is so safe and natural, the human body produces its own form of the solution in white blood cells to kill germs and fight infections.


GenEon’s on-site generation (OSG) technology provides product efficiency, eco-friendliness, and simplicity. 


  • Same Unit can create GenEon Sanitizing, Cleaning and Degreasing Solutions

  • Solutions will quickly and effectively destroy harmful germs

  • Low to NO VOCs

  • Eliminates need for storing large amounts of chemicals

  • Safe, non-toxic and very effective

  • Very inexpensive to use


  1. CDC "Guidelines for Disinfecting and Sterilization in Healthcare facilities, 2008"

It's Cost Effective Too



One bottle of GenEon Glass and General Purpose Mineral Catalyst generates up to 60 gallons of Glass and General Purpose Cleaners.  


That is true sustainability and savings.

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